How Can I Donate?

Mail us your donation

Send us a check or money order for an amount of your choice to:
Temple Music Prep
1515 Market, Suite 501
Philadelphia, PA 19102

If sending a check or money order, please make it out to “Temple Music Prep” and indicate that it is a donation for CMSP (Community Music Scholars Program).

Donate Online Through Temple University’s Giving Webpage

1. Go to to Temple University’s Giving Webpage

2. Please specify “Boyer College” and then “Music Prep.”

3. Submit your information and designated cotribution.

Fill Out a Giving Form

1. Download and Print this form

2. Fill out the form, checking “Other” and writing “Community Music Scholars Program“.

3. Mail the form.

Attend a Concert

1. Attend a concert listed on the Performances page
2. Hand us your generous check or cash donation.
3. Enjoy the great music and wonderful charm of the Comunity Music Scholars!

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